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 Young Driver of the Year

1st         Under 21 Trophy                                    LAUREN GORHAM

2nd        Sports Car Challenge Cup                      no qualifiers

Senior Club Driver of the Year

1st        David Haynes Rally Trophy                     ROBERT SHARPE

Lady Club Driver of the Year

1st        Eric Northover Memorial Trophy              EMMA OLSEN

2nd        Uniflo Trophy                                         REBBECA GROVES

Marshal of the Year

1st        Don Baker Trophy                                  CHARLOTTE JENNER

2nd        Kleeber Trophy                                      NIGEL WATSON         

Navigational Scatter Driver & Navigator

1st        Peter Singleton Memorial Trophy             LLOYD COVEY           

2nd        Graham Castle / Alan Turner

                                    Memorial Trophy            TOM SOLOMON


Car Trials Club Driver of the Year

1st        Waugh Two in Crew Trophy                    RAY LANE

2nd        M R Cannon Trophy                               GAVIN LANE   

Grass Autotest Club Driver of the Year

1st        Castrol Shield                                        BRIAN SHARPE

2nd        Roy Carey Trophy                                  LIAM CARFRAE

Tarmac Autotest Driver of the Year

1st        Ken Jordan Bent Con Rod Trophy           BRIAN SHARPE

2nd        Ken Jordan Memorial Trophy                  CHRIS NEWTON

Race, Sprint, Hillclimb Club Driver of the Year

1st        Jubilee Trophy                                       no qualifiers

Special /Stage Rally Club Driver & Navigator of the Year

Driver   Charing Rose Bowl                                CHRIS NEWTON

Navigator Wilfred Pocock Rally Trophy                +LIZ JORDAN & CHRIS NEWTON

Road Rally Club Navigator of the Year

1st        Lee Davey Navigators Trophy                 LIZ JORDAN

2nd        John Liddell & Co Trophy                        no qualifiers

Road Rally Club Driver of the Year

1st        Kathleen Jupp Trophy                            CHRIS BROWNE

2nd        Doug Harris Mid Kent Trophy                  no qualifiers                  

Overall club Driver of the Year

1st        Hayward Trophy                                    BRIAN SHARPE

2nd        Cornoation Trophy                                 ROBERT SHARPE

3rd        P A Barden Trophy                                CHRIS NEWTON

Club Event Official of the Year

1st        Sir Gwaine Baillie Trophy                        ANDY JENNER

Club Organiser of the Year

John La Trobe Trophy                                        BRIAN SHARPE

Club Person of the Year

Ford Rose Bowl                                                 BRUCE JENKINS

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