Maidstone & Mid Kent Motor Club

31st May Evening Autotest

Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent. (MR 188/848829)

The event is open to all fully elected members of the organising club, and the following invited clubs:- Sevenoaks & District MC, Eastbourne & Ram MC and Weald Motor Club.

The programme of the meeting for each event will be as follows:-
 Scrutineering starts at 6.15 p.m.
 Any competitor not signed on by 7.30 p.m. may be excluded
 Each event will start at 6.30 p.m.
 The closing time of tests will be notified at each event.

Each event will consist of seven classes as follows:
A. Front wheel drive Touring Cars up to and including 3.66m (12ft) overall length
B. Front wheel drive Touring Cars over 3.66m (12ft) and under 4.1m (13’ – 5¾”) overall length
C. Front wheel drive Touring Cars 4.1m (13’-5¾”) and over.
D. Rear wheel drive Touring Cars.
E. Sports Cars.
F. Specials and Four wheel drive Production Touring cars.
Convertible Touring Cars will be allocated to the relevant Touring Car Class if running with the hood up, but if the hood is down it will be allocated to Class E (Sports Car Class)
J. Production Car Autotest, for Junior Drivers. – Aged 14 and 15 who do not hold a full RTA Licence. (See below for Supplementary Regulations.)
All vehicles competing in this class must be by definition “a Touring Car” (No convertibles). Whilst competing, one passenger must be carried in each car, who holds a full RTA Licence is a full member of one of the above named clubs and is experienced in Autotesting.
NOTE: It is also permitted for the passenger and driver to swap roles, in order to give further tuition, provided an additional entry, as appropriate, is completed. However, only the Junior Drivers’ times will count towards any award. It is not permissible for the passenger to make a separate entry as a

Click here for regulations and entry form